Sunday, April 01, 2007

T minus 4 days and counting

Today's webcomic comes to you from I've always imagined that if God Himself was asked to weigh in on the Intelligent Design v. Evolutionary Theory issue, he would answer in a way not unlike this comic envisions it.

Still reading, still working -- as a sidenote, tomorrow begins Passover, and a Jewish friend has invited me to his family's Seder. I'm excited -- since I'm keeping Passover this year (as my room mate is Jewish, and it just seems wrong to eat things she's not supposed to all week), it seems appropriate. And given that my Lenten penance this year was a rather lame "giving up not taking care of myself" alleviates a bit of my Catholic guilt.

As does the Good Friday suffering of an orals exam. :)

((also worth reading -- about my level of coherence at this point, too!)