Saturday, March 31, 2007

T minus 5 days and counting

And today's been a pretty low key sort of a reading day. I'm finishing up the "selections" of Aelfric I'm reading -- some stuff from Catholic Homilies (more if I have time later in the week) and then parts of Lives of the Saints. It feels a little like being a kid again -- mostly because after a thousand years, much of the material still sounds the way it did in Catholic School religion classes, and during homilies at school masses.

I also found out that closing your eyes "just for a minute" while sitting on the couch sipping a frappucino usually ends in naptime. I think I've known that before. I am most definitely bearing that on gemynd.

Friend Blackcurrants had this lovely link in her most recent post, and it has made my day. May it make yours as well. I give you Dungeons and Discourse, part of my pre-oral week web comics postings. I'll try to find something funny each day and post it. Which will hopefully also keep me more sane.

The countdown continues...