Thursday, January 03, 2008

Old English in...North Carolina Borders?!

I'm home for the holidays, spending time at my beloved Wake Forest library and generally enjoying not freezing, though it's been a bit colder than I like the last few days. When inhabiting North Carolina, I frequent places like Borders, which I avoid like the plague up north -- when you need a quasi-intellectual setting in which to pleasantly waste an hour, there's no high-power substitute here.

That said, I rescind all my former assumptions about North Carolina's Borders stores. For lo and behold, on the bookshelf: Old English has achieved enough status to have a language-learning guide on CD and cassette. Who knew?


Brandon H. said...

A language cd? Wonder what's on it.... Also, very curious that the OE book is right next to one titled The Pirate Primer.

Liza said...

I also like that in the neighborhood of the OE guide is the book "Word Nerd." This looks like my kinda section.

Also, let's do a close reading of the "Over 40 Million Sold!" sticker on the back. Do you think that exclamation mark expresses excitement for the product, or do you also catch a whiff of disbelief in that upright little punctuation mark?

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! If only they'd told you sooner this whole PHD thing could have been so much easier!