Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Old English in New York, Version 2.0

Having recently finished That Which I Had Planned To Do before anything else this break, I took the opportunity to update and modernize my blog. Time for a change, I say. So here you go: Change. New title bar. Funky little "favicon" (up in the url bar above the browser...how cool is that?).

I did all the design myself (with the help of a lovely little device called "paint.net" -- which you can find here. It's incredibly easy to use. If I can do it -- anyone can.

Opinions welcome.


Brandon H. said...

I like the changes, especially the new top picture--it has a nice watermark effect with the city and the Beowulf text behind the words.

Dr. Virago said...

Oooh! I love the ghostly presence of Beowulf in the skyline! Wonderfully appropriate!

Liza said...


Jeffrey J Cohen said...

The aesthetic regality here makes In the Middle look like a Dickensian waif.

It looks great!

meg said...

Speaking of the Dickensian, I like the way that the Bwf ms. hangs over the skyline not just like a ghost but like a fog, a funk.

As any reader of superhero comics knows (esp. Dark Knight), modern Gotham is indeed polluted by the fumes of long-past medieval vehicles.

Well played, MKH!