Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What do you get the Anglo-Saxonist who has everything?

Why, the one thing that they probably won't find at the MLA this year (prospects for a job). E.L. Risden's Beowulf for Business piques my interest, and with the syncretic winter holiday season approaching, I think this should make a fascinating read.

It also proves that Beowulf has implications for modern life in ways of which I might never have thought.

My guess at a top rule: Never fight a dragon yourself. Get a lackey...I mean do it for you.

Thank you Ansaxnet for the link.


tolar said...

THank you!! I've been looking for a resource that I can refer to -- everytime I turn around at work, dragons keep popping up! The constant fire & smoke keep triggering the fire alarms, which trigger a massive building evacuation, thus stopping traffic on 6th ave and making the firemen come with their axes to battle the hordes of dragons.

But now, thanks to Beowulf for Business, I can handle it all myself!! Firemen, take a break! Promotion, here I come!

This will definitely make it on the bookshelf next to Lord of the Rings for Business and Battlestar Galactica for Business.

How can i ever thank you?!

ThursdayNext said...

Wow..does this mean that I can hang my archrival's arm over my office after I slay her? Does this also mean I can bring meade to the office and drink up after the removal of her arm? ;)

In all seriousness...this is a great blog!

B. Utter said...

Mary Kate--

Many thanks, not only for the heads-up on this splendid new addition to the scholarly canon (do you suppose it encourages readers to drop trou for boardroom negotiations?), but also for making your way back to Wake Forest yesterday to edify, entertain, and--indirectly, anyway--feed.

I mentioned wishing to swell the ranks of your listserve members, to which end: