Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New York Medieval Happenings

More accurately: Columbia Medieval Happenings. Tomorrow afternoon Caroline Walker Bynum will be having a "medieval conversation" with my adviser. I'm going to be giving my own talk at my alma mater in North Carolina...otherwise, there's no doubt where I'd be. But more on that later. For now, expand this post to get the full info on what promises to be a fascinating talk between Caroline Walker Bynum and Patricia Dailey.

On Thursday, Nov 29th, at 6:00 pm

Where Patricia Dailey will be speaking with Caroline Walker-Bynum about her most recent book Wonderful Blood and issues addressed in her many other books.

It will take place in 754 Schermerhorn Extension (IRWaG seminar room) - entrance through Schermerhorn then to the right, through the hallway, up the elevators to the 7th floor.



Liza said...

I am SO UPSET that I won't be able to make this. SO UPSET! But Juliet is giving a talk at the same time down here, and Jacques's class gets out at 6 ...

o, alas, owt harrow

Liza said...

oh, and ROCK ON at the talk! I would say good luck, but you don't need it. Let me know how it goes -- and we are *definitely* on for dinner next week!