Monday, October 22, 2007

Where to Study......

I'm not allowed to blog until I've finished grading my students' papers (computer's been giving me fits) -- HOWEVER. I saw a recent hit on my blog that was for "best universities to study Old English".

I won't say anything on the blog about my opinions on this (they are many and diverse, o readers, and you won't come out even really knowing what I think!!)but I did want to say that if you really want to know my opinion of my own institution I would be glad to give you my opinions. You may reach me at [first initial][middle initial]DOT[last name]ATgmailDOTcom.

What I can say: what we all know. If you're looking at universities that have a practicing Anglo-Saxonist (it's not a job, it's a way of life) -- you will be in for a treat. Regardless of where. Anglo-Saxonists (and medievalists more generally) are almost always what I would call "good people". And fantastic scholars.

I like my field, have I mentioned that?

Edit, after a query: So what on earth was I posting about here? Well, mostly just that some poor soul lost on the internet thought they'd find an opinion about old english programs written on this blog. Of course, I don't do useful things like that. So I thought I'd offer my poor overworked brain to those young, unjaded grad-school hopefuls who want to know something about Old English studies. Of course, given my inability to clone myself and study Old English in other universities (how SWEET would that be?), I can only give my thoughts my current place of study. If I do manage to clone myself, I'll send out contact info for my other selves, don't worry.


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