Thursday, October 25, 2007

Postcard from NYC: Beowulf is everywhere

So I was walking down 14th street today, having left Morningside Heights for a meeting with a professor downtown at NYU. I was, it must be said, minding my own business. Suddenly I see a rather gruesome looking -- hand, on a poster. I note the Tolkien-esque calligraphic font used for the title -- but I'm still not reading it, because my brain hasn't quite kicked into gear for that yet. I practically fell over once my focus came back:

All this raises a question, dear readers: Where will you be on November 16th?

Grendel's mom wants to know.

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meg said...

Ooh, ooh, I know, I know!

The Society for Biblical Literature conf!

the Bwf ad is all over my daily intake of *Total Request Live* too.

Liza said...

Too bad you didn't see one of the posters with the man himself on them ... those are my favorite!

As of now I'm free ... want to make a date to go an be traumatized together day of?