Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Do we need another hero?

I'm too exhausted from my allergies to even *follow* the threads in the discussion, but let's keep talking about heroes -- check out the comments for my post about Martin Firrell, Nathan Fillion, and re-envisioning our ideas about what "hero" means and then check out Meg's post over at Xoom for a well-written examination of the vagueness inherent in the very term. Also -- check out Matthew Gabriele's post on heroes over at Modern Medieval, which raises some fascinating questions about modern "heroes' -- not least of which is whether or not heroism is as wedded to violence as some feel.

More when I'm not quite so groggy.

For now, however, I'm off to fight the battle against allergies. Which ends for all, even those not abnormally affected by Benadryl (to the point that I cannot keep my eyes open after taking it) in darkness.

If by darkness, you mean 8 hours of very good sleep.