Monday, August 13, 2007

Blogging Announcement

As of today, I'm officially a co-blogger at In the Middle. I'm excited and honored to become part of the blog -- the trio of J J Cohen, Eileen Joy and Karl Steel and their work on the blog have been a major influence on me over the past year, both in my blogging here at OEiNY and in my work as a whole. What a wonderful opportunity to become the fourth member of such a fantastic blog!

I will, of course, be continuing to post here at Old English in New York -- however, some of my more intellectually based musings will be posted at ITM.

Here's to a new phase of my adventures in blogging the Middle Ages!

Now if I can just get past this whole oral exams thing....

[As a side note, you may notice my dual identity to the right, as well as the absence of my trademark Wake Forest picture. Never fear, MKH and Mary Kate Hurley are in fact the same person -- I just need to figure out how to merge the accounts so I don't have to use two separate sign-ins all the time. I will probably figure out how to do this after exams. Till then -- there are two me's but they're both me. Or something like that.]


meli said...

congratulations! i'll look forward to reading your contributions there. i'm obviously not the only one who likes your blog!

Karl Steel said...

Maybe you could just cross-post everything? Post it at ITM and here.

You're reading Smalley! How great! It's a model of scholarship, one of the very best works in our field, and--given my gushing--one of my all-time favorites.