Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Marginally Medieval, More Medieval and Most Medieval

It just occurred to me that in my complete preoccupation with a chapter on Orosius in my dissertation (of which you shall all hear more soon), I have not yet had occasion to point your browsers and minds to a few things.

First, the Marginally Medieval:
Readers might remember that I was involved in the Graduate Translation Conference at Columbia this Spring. I'm pleased to report that the Keynote Conversation between US Poet Laureate Charles Simic and Professor Michael Scammell is now available online as a podcast. It was a fascinating event, one I'd highly recommend listening to. And as though Simic and Scammell aren't reason enough to listen, you can hear me ask a question at the end of the recording!

And now, getting a little More Medieval:
Way back in January, I mentioned that I was writing an essay for the Old English Newsletter on blogging and academia. You can now read the article in its entirety at OEN.org.

Finally -- for the Most Medieval of my Miscellaneous Notes today:
On a whim, I decided to propose a special session for the 2008 Kalamazoo Conference. If you turn to page 27 of the 2009 call for Papers for the Western Michigan University International Medieval Congress, you'll find a session called "Beyond Geography: New Work on the Old English Orosius." I hope to find other folks interested in this crazy text, so if you know anyone working on the Orosius, send them my way! If you've ever even had a vague interest in writing on it -- consider this your big chance!

Now, you should go and read the REAL medieval content, by Jeffrey on the Franklyn's Tale and Eileen on Guthlac and gender.


Dr. Virago said...

I'm glad to have a PDF of your blogging article now. I guess I can't really use it as evidence of "my" work being cited, but it's still cool! So thanks -- for writing the article and for reminding me of it!

BTW,did you happen to notice that my URL is listed after Brandon H's blog in the list of blogs at the end?

Mary Kate Hurley said...

Glad to do it, Dr. V -- and thanks for reading it! :)

Also yes -- I did know that. It didn't seem to make sense not to include you.

Dr. Virago said...

No, I mean an editorial blip conflated Brandon's blog with mine -- his blog title, my URL. Oh well!