Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I'm sure most people already know about this, but just in case -- I introduced a friend to this site today and it seems like the perfect thing, and not simply for the disaffected college students these demotivational posters are suggested for:

We have here a wide variety of things we are familiar with in academia. For example -- Ambition.

A perennial favorite of mine, Bitterness.

Here's the perfect poster for anyone studying for oral exams, or writing a dissertation.

This one's good for those who are always optimistic about what they can accomplish.

Another one that I adore, for those who haven't slept in a week and still have grading to do.

Perfect because procrastination is half of my life.

This one is perfect for anyone who teaches.

And finally, this one. Given my last post, and all my time spent watching stars...clearly I love it.

Despair, Inc. :-(

Pure genius.


Just Another Traveler said...

Splendid! Now I can add visual aids to my meaningless grad-student existence.

anhaga said...

I totally hear that.