Monday, May 05, 2008

This from Ph.D. Comics, by the inimitable Jorge Cham.

Eerily accurate. I used to say this: "I will change the world with Old English!"

Then it was "Changing the world one dead language at a time!"

Then it was "Changing the academy, one Kalamazoo at a time!"

Occasionally, it has been "Not saying something dumb in class, one day at a time!"

Although lately it has more often felt like "Writing a page that makes sense! One page at a time!"

I fear the eventual stop on this road may in fact be -- "Changing my socks! Every day!"


highlyeccentric said...

You can change the world one not-dumb class at a time ;) I'm not sure if you can change the world one pair of clean socks at a time, but it's worth a try :D

*shiny-eyed undergrad :)

physics grad student said...

Oh God. I feel your pain. My sniff-test threshold is getting lower and lower. :-(